Will It Route?

Chances are that if you're a LoCo team contact you've received an email message from me recently *encouraging* you to get your team signed up for the Ubuntu Global Jam. Or maybe you didn't...

Horror of horrors! You have an email issue.

Are you a "Team Contact?" Does your @ubuntu.com address still work? Check it. Fix it!

Are you a "Team Contact?" Are you cloaking your email address? Hmm. That would make you less than "contactable". ;) Fix it!

And by extension, if you are an Ubuntu Member it's a grand idea to check your email settings in Launchpad to ensure that yourlaunchpadID@ubuntu.com routes to some address that you check periodically.

This concludes my Public Service Announcement on routable email addresses. Happy messaging!


Can i tranfer letters from csredrat@ubuntu.com to csredrat@gmail.com ?


Yes, provided you are an Ubuntu Member and you set your address in Launchpad to your gmail address.


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