The Most Important Thing To Do After You've Installed Ubuntu 12.10

Soon, very soon, Ubuntu 12.10 will be upon us. A flurry of articles will be written on how to tweak 12.10 by the usual authors on large techie-websites that are sponsored by companies that have no love for this thing. Others will find nits to pick with the best free OS in the world and will complain that Ubuntu is losing its chicken. Horses will run in random directions, chased by 114m4's. There will be outbreaks of goats with halitosis. Uni will be served. Yawn.

Here's the real story. The story you won't see published, the most important one:

When you encounter Ubuntu, you are not encountering just a product. You are encountering a philosophy, a project, a platform, and really good people. I've met hundreds of them. They are genuine.

You see, Ubuntu is not just software. It's people working together unselfishly to make something the world has never had. There is no analog for this in the proprietary software world. Therefore it remains largely a societal blind spot, and it is our bug to fix.

With that said, the only thing you need to do after installing Ubuntu is to install community. Find the people in your town that love it and want it to succeed. Find others that you can talk to face-to-face to share tips, tricks, and your unique knowledge of the amazing things it can do.

Get together. Have fun. Ignore the interwebs. The real action is right where you live.

"We are making Ubuntu. Not just software!"


Do you write for a large tech site? I dare you to write about what Ubuntu really is.


after using Windows for 2 decades i have finally found an OS that I can use
an do not have to worry about the thing crashing and having to pay windows the
cost of making it right.I am using Ubuntu 12.0 at work and find that it actually works when I need it. So far everything has gone along smoothly and with no problems. I am however trying to add a printer to to the system and haven't succeed so far but am learning and will succeed with this also.
Donald Spaulding


Hopefully there's an Ubuntu group near you to help with that! :) If not, is an excellent resource.


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