Ubuntu Software Center: Streamline Your Software Experience

Welcome to the continuing story about what happens when an Ubuntu local community meets great software and decides to help make it more accessible.

The Ubuntu Vancouver Local Community believes that one barrier to the widespread adoption of Ubuntu's ethos and its collection of outstanding software is a shortage of well-written and accessible user guides. Guides that make people say "Wow! I didn't know Ubuntu is that easy. I didn't know Ubuntu could make my life easier and more fun!"

The Ubuntu Software Center is one of the most important components of Ubuntu. It's the entry point for new users into the universe of excellent software that is written with freedom in mind. It's our delivery channel. It's an Ubuntu first (now copied by a fruit company), and it's full of amazing.

With that in mind, back in the winter of 2011 I set out to catalyze the creation of the first comprehensive guide to the Ubuntu Software Center written primarily for the benefit of those coming from the world of proprietary, community-less software where random apps are downloaded from random web sites. My second small spark to hopefully light a massive bonfire. (Unity was the first in this one-two punch.)

With the help of the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) we, Charlene Tessier and I, identified a talented technical writer, Courtney Loo, to partner with us and to help new users get software the easy and fun way.

Many months later, dozens of edits, a few curve-balls thrown at us by the world, and here we are! I am happy to announce that our first Ubuntu Software Center guide is complete and ready for you and the people you know that are new to Ubuntu. The creation of this guide really was a second labour of love, and I hope the results will speak accordingly.

Get a copy here. Read it. But more importantly, give our guide to someone who is trapped on the other side. They are stuck and they need our help. This guide is really more for them:


Please join me in thanking Courtney Loo and Charlene Tessier for their terrific effort. And, please send them a note.

Special thanks to the Ubuntu Software Center Team for making USC a delight.

This guide is dedicated to Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt), Ubuntu visionary. Thank you for helping to make the world a better place.

Want to Help?

All Ubuntu community members are invited to help make UVLC's guides even better and to help get them into the hands of even more people. The Ubuntu Software Center team needs you, and so does your own Ubuntu local community. Join one today and help change the world.


Wow this is great! Very simple and easy to follow,

What about if I want to install software that isn't in the software center tho?


The general rule is "If it isn't in the Software Centre, then it isn't packaged and tested for Ubuntu." With that in mind, I recommend against installing apps that aren't there.

If there's a critical piece of software you need, you can open a bug and say "needs packaging".


Documents like this are very necessary and useful for beginners and users of the graphical environment.

Thanks for the effort.

Documentos como este son muy necesarios y útiles para principiantes y los usuarios del entorno gráfico.

Gracias por el esfuerzo.


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