Volle Kontrolle Erlangen! Unity Lenses and Scopes, in German!

Fast Edi! He's at it again. The one-man-translation-magician has taken another of our Unity guides and worked his magic.

Here's the result:

Please thank "Fast Edi" Hoffman from Offenburg for his hard work and his dedication to spreading Ubuntu and Unity.

Fast Edi - Spreading Unity!Fast Edi - Spreading Unity!Something cool: Edi is a teacher. He told me that he uses the Unity Orientation Guide in his course for those new to Ubuntu and the world of free software.

Imagine if every teacher out there had Edi's enthusiasm and energy. Spreading the idea of Ubuntu to a new generation. That just might help tilt the earth's axis a little more. I've watched a whole generation of kids (including my own) grow up trapped with proprietary tools cleverly placed in schools. Luckily, we now have the means to reverse that damage.

Are you a teacher? Do you know a teacher? Why not grab a Unity guide (or three) and spread the word. Are you a member of an Ubuntu group in your town/city? Why not print our guides and host a "Getting to know Ubuntu" night at your local library or community centre?

The world needs more Ubuntu.

Outstanding work Fast Edi! Thank you for a job well done! :)

Want to help? Show your support for Ubuntu. More translations needed and welcome! Are you fluent in Chinese? French? Spanish? Portuguese? We need you!

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