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Welcome to the continuing story about what happens when an Ubuntu local community meets great software and decides to help make it more accessible.

The Ubuntu Vancouver Local Community believes that one barrier to the widespread adoption of Ubuntu's ethos and its collection of outstanding software is a shortage of well-written and accessible user guides. Guides that make people say "Wow! I didn't know Ubuntu is that easy. I didn't know Ubuntu could do that!".

Unity is most new users' entry point into Ubuntu, and first impressions count. Unity is the ethos of Ubuntu. Unity is our "secret sauce".

With that in mind, back in the winter of 2011 I set out to catalyze the creation of the first comprehensive guide to Unity on Ubuntu written for the benefit of a person that had previously been trapped in the world of proprietary, community-less software. My small spark to hopefully light a bonfire.

With the help of the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) we, Charlene Tessier and yours truly, identified a talented technical writer, Pritpaul Bains, to partner with us and to help new users adopt Ubuntu, not only in Vancouver, but everywhere on earth.

After many months of blood, sweat, and tears (literally), I am happy to announce that our first Unity guide is complete and ready for your enjoyment. The creation of this guide really was a labour of love, and I hope the results will speak accordingly.

Get a copy here. Read it. But more importantly, give our guide to someone who is trapped on the other side. This guide is really more for them:


Please join me in thanking Pritpaul Bains and Charlene Tessier for a job well done. Please send them a note.

Special thanks to Jason Smith, Manish Sinha, Rick Spencer, and Jorge
Castro for their contributions to this document.

Special thanks to the Unity Team for making Unity amazing.

This guide is dedicated to Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu visionary and founder of the Ubuntu project. From the bottom of our hearts thank you for making the world a better place.

Want to Help?

All Ubuntu community members are invited to help make UVLC's guides even better and to help get them into the hands of even more people. Unity needs you, and so does your own Ubuntu local community. Join one today and help change the world.


I will take a look and see what you have here. I have to say, though, that the adoption of Unity was the reason I kicked back into MS Windows. Just not liking it at all...


Hope you find the guide useful :)


Congratulations. Just putting together a review for the magazine which I'll try to persuade the editor to publish as soon as.

I'm a Unity sceptic, but htis is certainly going to help.
Rgds, RC


Sounds good RC. Thanks for spreading the word.


Everything about this document is /great/.


Thanks Jorge. I hope it resonates out there. Please keep up the great work on Unity, and thanks again for your help.


thank you for this book,we need it.


You are welcome Omar. Enjoy.


I'm sure I missed many other such hints, but reading planet ubuntu, I came across this one. And its great. I'd recommend this to be on the desktop of any system with unity(-2d).


An excellent idea and a very well executed one! Congratulations to you and your team! I 'll recommend it to everyone in our LoCo and will certainly share it with friends on the other side ;)


Great Job! Really, really helpful and good and easy to read! It seems Vancouver is a great place - probably in general and for Ubuntu users for sure :) .


Thanks for your kind words. Vancouver really is a great Ubuntu city. I hope you'll visit sometime.


Very very nice. How about translations and guide updates (we are expecting lots of changes for Unity in Ubuntu 11.10) ?


That's a great idea for the Ubuntu Global Jam! Why not gather your team and do a documentation session. Improve, update, and translate our guide. Details here: http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/07/20/calling-those-to-rock-the-ubuntu-11-...


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