Yet More Precise Jams

The great quest for photos of the Ubuntu Global Jam (Precise) continues. Even though there are some who would chastise the effort to find and to present photos of people having fun and generally enjoying themselves at a jam (sometimes even with jam), I move forward with zeal. ("Haters gonna hate jam.")

So, here are two more contenders for "Best of Jam" photo, spotted in another obscure corner of the web:

Sant Adrià de Besòs: "The happiest times are when we jam!"Sant Adrià de Besòs: "The happiest times are when we jam!"

Mumbai: "Ubuntu is fun! That's why I am smiling!"Mumbai: "Ubuntu is fun! That's why I am smiling!"

Captions? IMSU! (I made stuff up.) Any similarities to the actual event are a stange accident.

Do you know what was really happening? Share your story! Pick a photo and caption it in the comments. Imagine you jammed with your friends and made Ubuntu even better.

And, if you have a photo that you think qualifies for "Best of Jam", please add the URL in the comments. Only a couple more days to go!

Thanks for participating.

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