A Couple More Precise Jams

The "web crawling" for photos of the Ubuntu Global Jam (Precise) continues.

Here are two more contenders:

Rochester: "Someone is really annoying Charles. Who?"Rochester: "Someone is really annoying Charles. Who?"

Bandar Baru Bangi: "Shaking hands and generating keys"Bandar Baru Bangi: "Shaking hands and generating keys"

Yes, the captions are purely hypothetical. Any similarities to the actual event are purely coincidental.

What was really being discussed? We need to know!

Here's where you come in. Pick a photo and add a caption (or a longer story) to it in the comments. Imagine you were there. Imagine you brought jam to share.

And, if you have a photo that you think qualifies, please add the URL in the comments. Thanks for playing.


A thought balloon which probably applies to most photos:

"They brought jars of jam to a Jam. Such cutting originality and wit! Someone should photograph us with jam smeared on our mouths because depictions of infantilized adults so accurately reflect the purpose of Ubuntu Jams and would make completely sensible advertisements."


Yes Thompson, the *last* thing we should ever be doing at a Jam is to appear to be having fun. Let's keep it all laptops and code, all the time. While we're at it, we may want to ban artists and creative types too... just like jam, we wouldn't want Ubuntu to spread too far or to gain the reputation of being different, fun, interesting. Thanks for playing.


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