A Couple of Precise Jams

I've been "hunting" for photos of the Ubuntu Global Jam (Precise). To my delight, I've begun finding some that potentially qualify for "Best of Jam" (that wacky photo contest I announced last week).

Here are two contenders:

Portland: "Our first potato chip only event!"Portland: "Our first potato chip only event!"

Kitchener: "Getting excited and making something. Is that the legendary Bilal?"Kitchener: "Getting excited and making something. Is that the legendary Bilal?"

Notice anything strange? Yes, I made up captions that may have nothing to do with the photos. What were they really doing? What was really being discussed? We need to know!

Here's where you come in. Pick a photo and add a caption (or a longer story) to it in the comments. Imagine you were there.

And, if you have a photo that you think qualifies, please add the URL in the comments.


Do you really wanna know? :) (And yeah, that was Bilal).


Is that Rochester?


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