Vancouver Got Jammed! (Epilogue)

Yesterday, I submitted irrefutable photo evidence to the Planet that hosting an Ubuntu Global Jam event in your city can lead to a ton of fun and lots of smiles.

Actually, I made that up. The reality is that Ubuntu Global Jams are dead serious affairs. At a UGJ event, one shouldn't expect anything but intense labour and stress.

Want proof?

The jam is readyThe jam is ready

And more proof?

I'm fearless enough to found a LoCo and I eat jam!I'm fearless enough to found a LoCo and I eat jam!

And yet more?

Presenting the jam.Presenting the jam.

See! There are strict rules about what can and cannot be done in the name of humanity to others. Please always be serious when practicing Ubuntu :)


No humans were harmed during the application of jam. Please do not attempt this at home. If jam is applied to your face, please remain calm.

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