Bangladesh: We Jammed for the First Time. We Partied Too!

I find it inspiring when a local Ubuntu group hosts an event for the first time. It tells me Ubuntu is spreading! It tells me there are people out there willing to "be the change they want to see in the world."

Shortly after the Ubuntu Global Jam event last weekend. I had the pleasure of interviewing Md Ashickur Rahman, from Ubuntu Bangladesh, in Dhaka.

What does the Ubuntu Global Jam mean to you personally?

I think the Ubuntu Global Jam is a opportunity for the Community to develop Ubuntu a little bit more together. A great opportunity to gather local community members and a place to do something that is not possible to do overnight.

What was UGJ Bangladesh about?

We planned for two things: First was Ubuntu 12.04 (Beta 1) testing and the second was writing an Ubuntu 12.04 Guide in our local language. But unfortunately our second plan was not successful due to working days because all of your community members are students or professionals.

What excites you most about Ubuntu?

First, the meaning of Ubuntu which attracts me the most. That's why I use Ubuntu. Second, the community. And finally, the Localization. I love to compute in my local language.

Did you run UGJ events before?

No, this is my first time and I think first time in our country.

Can you share a link to couple of photos of a UGJ (or other Ubuntu event) event in Bangladesh? I'd love to include in the story.

Ubuntu Global Jam 2012 Dhaka
Jamming in Dhaka!Jamming in Dhaka!

This event was a first time that I arranged a Global event in Bangladesh. Though it was not the total success I wanted it was fun. One think I have learned is that we Bangladeshi might not yet be ready for development contributions. But I will always look forward to this kind of event. It is my first LoCo event.

Ubuntu 11.10 Release Party

That was the first event that I arranged. I thought that only I would attend. But to my amazement, about 61 people showed up!

I have plans for an Ubuntu 12.04 release party. Hope I can do that!

A huge thank you to Md Ashickur Rahman and our friends in Dhaka Bangladesh! And, have fun partying like it's 12.04!

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Go ahead Md Ashickur Rahman.... আমরা আছি তোমার সাথে...।


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