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The media continues to miss the story. There! I said it again. Don't believe me? Set up a recurring Google search for Ubuntu and see what pops up every day.

My good friend Charles spotted yet another article (which I shall not point to) today that picks on a perceived weakness of Ubuntu. In this case, the author was referring to the lack of Ubuntu local community in his area (greater Seattle, USA). Though I think the author missed the bigger points (1: we're working on it, and 2: he can help), I am somewhat happy that at least one person dared take the challenge to report that "Ubuntu is not just software." Score one small victory for the underdogs!

Overall though, I'm still tired of this. Really tired of this. Name a project that has more "awesome" than Ubuntu. Go ahead, I dare you.

Yesterday at UDS-R, I bumped into the amazing David Planella from the Ubuntu Community Team. We (Ubuntu folk) likely all know that David and the rest of the team recently did a 24-hour Ubuntu marathon for charity. What we probably didn't realize is that not one journalist (from the usual big sites) bothered to report the story.

So, how do we get the media to catch on? Good question! Today at UDS-R, I'm hosting a session to discuss this.

Blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-r-improving-comm...

I hope you'll join me and add your thoughts. (And, if you're reading this after the session, chime in either in the blueprint or the comments.)



The Blog-o-thon is on! For the next 24-hours, expect plenty of mayhem on Planet Ubuntu.


Hello Randall,

I'm a LoCo Team leader and the founder of the Ubuntu-BR-SC's blog, one (if not the) biggest Ubuntu blogs at Brazil.

We try our best to cover everything, and we have two of our guys at UDS-R, covering it for us. But when it comes to news... it's getting harder and harder.

You see, when a new feature comes to Ubuntu, the first website to write about it is OMG! Ubuntu!. It don't matter if we use an alpha version in production (we do, btw), it don't matter if we follow e-mail lists... it's always them.

Someone feed them with info, and that is awesome. But why not feed all websites with those infos? Why not make a contact list of those websites and, when there is something new that will come up, send a press release to everyone?

As much as we try to cover everything, it's not always possible. Ubuntu-BR-SC isn't what pay my bills, i have a job, i study, i have a home to take care of, a wife... but i still manage to write about 2 posts a day about Ubuntu on that blog. But i have to always use OMG! Ubuntu! as my source, because everything goes there first... and i'm using the alpha versions, with proposed repositories.

So my suggestion is: please, make a list of contact and send press releases to us. Big websites, like Gizmodo, may not need them since they work with that, but smaller websites, like us, need it really bad.

I can help out with the list, if necessary. But we do feel kinda left alone, and it would be nice to have this suggestion accepted.

Thanks for your time :)


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