Meet Your Friendly UDS Organizers!

Day 2 at UDS has begun, and by now you all have met the team behind the scenes. You know, the always friendly and awesome folks who make sure the event runs smoothly, make sure that you get your badges, goodie-bags, and all the other logistics that go into making a large event a success.

Have you ever seen a friendlier team?Have you ever seen a friendlier team?

If you are at UDS, I hope you will take a minute to drop by the registration areas and say a big thank you to them. Maybe even bring some chocolates ;)

Thank you!


Are you at UDS? Met some amazing people? Blog about it!


If you're celebrating the people working at UDS, how about identifying them in the photo?


Because the post was meant for UDS-R attendees to go over and thank them in person ;)


The Link to the image does not work. It just links to ubuntu1link


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