Ubuntu Community Lexicon, Part 3

This blog post is a follow-up to UDS-P, the Ubuntu Developer Summit and a refinement of the original posting here.

Where is your place in Ubuntu Community?

Are you a developer, a contributor, a member, a consumer, a Canonical employee? All of the above? None of the above?

Depending on where you are on this map, your perspective of Ubuntu is different. You see Ubuntu through a different lens.

From the revised map we can see that:

  1. There is a tiny team near in the "core" called "cct" or the "canonical community team" (Jono blogged about this today),
  2. The circles get progressively more orange as we near the core, implying that the community tuning is tighter (to use a musical analogy)

There is another key process we need to build/optimize:

  1. Developer Onboarding: How do we turn "consumers" into "developers"? Is the path depicted on the map the way it should work? Is there a better, easier, more effective way?

When we speak about community, lets use adjectives. Let's use more than one adjective if one isn't enough. Let's use precise language to help frame the problems we are trying to solve in the Precise cycle.

Please add your thoughts in the comments on how we can improve this map. And, if you know of similar work elsewhere, please let me know.



It is great to have the opportunity to read a good quality article with useful information on topics that plenty are interested on.I concur with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your future updates.


This should be printed and brought to Ubuntu meetings so people know where they currently fit and where they COULD fit in the greater plan of promoting Ubuntu. I think it's great.


Thanks Wayne. Look for the presentation soon at Ubuntu Vancouver ;)


Great work! I think this is something that is long overdue. I hope we all start to use this language as we talk about Ubuntu. Hopefully this will start to paint a clearer picture of the Ubuntu Community, its contributors, and users.


Thank you for your kind words. Me too!


IMHO the status of a Debian package maintainer, who contributes to Ubuntu (by answering to bugs reports, trigger uploads, ...), but not use Ubuntu itself (= not a consumer), is missing in the picture.


Thank you Ms. Anonymous. I'm going to include "Debian package maintainers" who are not "consumers" of Ubuntu in this picture. I just need to figure out how to visually depict that. Thoughts?


Great map. When I think about my loco, if I have to represent it in this map, it looks like the "members" in shape and is going from core to the outside of the consumer circle. We are perhaps an exception :)


Thanks for the observation. I'd be curious to know whether other LoCo teams have the same demographic. What percentage of your LoCo team is in the "consumer" circle?


You can't be serious...
You do realize how you just colored that diagram... It's a giant tit.

I have so many jokes suddenly about Canonical stimulating the community...


Thanks for your comment. Mammography aside, I think I'll leave it as a reader exercise to decide whether this is all serious, or a cleverly disguised Rorschach Test.



The diagram is improving nicely from what we discussed at UDS. Are there Canonical folks who fall outside the 'consumer' circle?


Thanks, and my guess is that there are indeed some Canonical folks outside the 'consumer' circle. I suspect it's a small number though. I'll modify the map to include that refinement.


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