Lightning Talks!

This blog post is the thirteenth in a series of many that I will be posting about UDS, the Ubuntu Developer Summit.

I was at the ever-popular UDS Lightning Talks this afternoon. At Lightning Talks, volunteer presenters take the stage for 5 minutes and share their best Ubuntu-related ideas. Interesting stuff is usually found at this session.


A program that allows you to run proprietary applications (that don't run on Ubuntu) on Ubuntu. Could be useful in a corporate setting.

Alan Pope has created a system to provide and receive help remotely without port forwarding or proxy madness. (It's a beta.)

"Ask Ubuntu"
Marco Ceppi presented a site for asking Ubuntu questions, or editing, or answering them.

Stuart Langridge presented a way to sync data across all U1 platforms. A document-oriented database.

Ask Jorge
Chris Johnston talked about the newest way to ask questions and get better Community-Canonical communication.

How One Ubuntu Member got to UDS by boat
A member of the Ubuntu design team from the UK shared his story about how he came here by bike and boat. Oh, and a new book about the Ubuntu font family is out.

Ubuntu Image On Panda Board
One member has Ubuntu running on a Panda Board, running a Qt application. (Thanks to Linaro for the Panda.)

There have been some exciting developments in byobu and we were given a great demo by the developer Dustin Kirkland. A PPA is available. Sorry, no screenshots.

Where Has Launchpad's Downtime Gone
Evidently, downtime is a thing of the past on lp. Haw Loeung described the system architecture that made that possible.

Instrumented Flight Rules
Steve Langasek presented ways to save power on long flights etc. Powertop 1.13 was used for the demo. This tool shows you where the power is being consumed on your system so you can make some informed choices about which hardware components (e.g. wifi) should be enabled and which applications should be allowed to run based on their interrupt level (Hint: use the kill command.)

Multitouch on Ubuntu
Chase Douglas, of multi-touch team fame, demo'd some magical touch stuff using Qt QML. He showed free-form image rotation and pinch-to-zoom using touch. Caution: If you use the rotate too much, you'll get Rick Astley videos.

Jason DeRose (he's amazing) and his all-star team demo'd Novacut. It works! Real-time collaborative workflows here we come :)

Editing Workitems in Launchpad
Michael Hudson Doyle wrote a GreaseMonkey script to make editing Launchpad workitems super easy.

If you were one of the speakers and want to provide further info, please leave a note in the comments.


Yeah, the talks were quite interesting. The five minute limit certainly stretches the speakers to their limits. :D

Nitpicking: it's "Ask Ubuntu". :P


Thanks and I fixed the nit ;)


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