Ubuntu Community Teams Meeting - Planning for Even More Greatness

On Wednesday March 20th at 20:00 UTC I will be hosting an On Air session to discuss our Ubuntu community teams (or, what we more affectionately call LoCo's, with apologies to those who speak Spanish.)

This is meant to be a session where people actively involved in LoCo's worldwide can join, share ideas, collaborate, and discuss best practices and ideas for growth. We'll also talk about things like our team portal (http://loco.ubuntu.com) and future plans for that.

Dream big!Dream big!

Are you passionate about Ubuntu community teams? Are you a "hands-on" Ubuntu community builder? Are you a community grower or creator?

Please join in!

Time: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20130320T2000

Place: http://ubuntuonair.com



Working on ubuntu, it is a great OS to me, but there are a number of things which the officials should take care. I do not like the theme…

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