Appreciating My Community, With a Few Adjectives

It's the first ever "Community Appreciation Day" in Ubuntu-land.

I am grateful for the Ubuntu global contributor community: the most diverse and friendly community there is in free software.

But to me, community is first and foremost a local construct. I am honoured to be surrounded by all of my friends in Vancouver, BC who make Ubuntu in my city really come alive. Before Ubuntu Vancouver (the group), Ubuntu (the software) in Vancouver was pretty much just a CD with some great software on it carefully organized by nice people far away who I'd be unlikely to meet. Now, Ubuntu is also a local (as-in-neighbourhood), enthusiastic, creative, fun, artistic, inclusive community. And, it's on my street!

I've met most nearly all of my friends in Vancouver through my involvement in Ubuntu community, and as a result I consider it a fundamental part of my existence here. Today, I will be celebrating Community Appreciation Day by reaching out to the Ubuntu Vancouver Community and thanking them in the channel we live in: meatspace.

I encourage you to do the same. Do you know an Ubuntu person in your town that's done something awesome? Reach out to them. Invite them for a Cup of Ubuntu or a drink an Ubuntini. Tell them why they are special and why they matter to Ubuntu.

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