Ubuntu TV: A Welcomed Side-Effect

The announcement of #ubuntu tv today appears to have confirmed one of my theories: People do indeed need a second word when referring to #ubuntu, but normally cannot tolerate three.

There is something about calling an operating system by a single word that freaks people out.

Usually, the second word that is naturally (and erroneously) appended to Ubuntu is the "L" word. But today, the buzz is "Ubuntu TV". No "L" word in sight.

Perhaps this #ubuntu tv thing has an important and long overdue side-effect: Removing colonels and kernels from the discourse about free computing and clearing the way for Ubuntu to cross the chasm.

Now, what do we call Ubuntu when it's not embedded in a television?

How about "Ubuntu OS"? Any takers?

Amazing chicken artwork: jliau!


I believe that 'Linux' is not an offensive swear word to be called as the "L" word.


I think just "Ubuntu" will work fine. There are a lot of different mobile devices out there running "Android," but most people I know how have one just refer to it as their Android.


One of the things I've noticed is that there seems to be a number of ways people refer to their Ubuntu install. Under normal circumstances, I will tell people first that I run Ubuntu. When people ask what Ubuntu is, I will tell them that it is a Linux-based distribution. Were it me, if I had to pick a two-word variant, I'd go with either the version number (Ubuntu 11.10), or the version name (Ubuntu Oneiric).

To me, the latter seems to roll of the tongue a bit more easily. Though, considering that we refer to “Ubuntu TV” and “Ubuntu Server”, perhaps we should consider simply using “Ubuntu Desktop”.

Good luck!




I think "Ubuntu PC" would be better than "Ubuntu OS" because most people don't know what an OS is, and most Ubuntu users use the PC version of it, on a PC or Mac.


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