Ubuntu +1 Release Name Leaked

Soon, very soon, Mark 'sabdfl' Shuttleworth will tell us the development name of the next Ubuntu release (R-cycle) that will become 13.04.

Major scoop! My spies on the ground have recently discovered what that name is. Are you ready for it?

13.04: "Randall Ross" - An unconventional animal that uses unconventional means to take Ubuntu in new directions.

There it is! What an honour :P

Want to help choose a better name? Submit your entry!

Update (10/18/2012): Raring Ringtail it is! Oh well :P http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1195


I cant think of the best adjective to describe the animals but 3 good names i can think of would be "road runner", "raptor" , and "rattlesnake".


No, it will be "Rusty Rosomac"


Hey, man

You made my day =))


Reliable sources tell me that it's going to be "Rednosed Reindeer".


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