Wither Brainstorm?

Ubuntu Brainstorm. What comes to mind? For me, it's a wealth of new ideas for Ubuntu from a lively and diverse group of people who really want to see Ubuntu become even more incredible. It's more amazing than unicorns!

Have you been to Ubuntu Brainstorm lately? Are you on your way to UDS-N (or there already)? Now would be a great time to review the most popular ideas and perhaps include some of them in your discussions. Maybe pick the top 5 and see what it would take to implement them.

According to the site, there are currently zero ideas in development. That doesn't seem right.


sounds good.


I'm going to blog about this in an upcoming post. Specifically more on the idea to move ideas to Launchpad. Stay tuned. (Or, if you have some suggestions, please let me know.)


Most of the ideas belong upstream, and as we all know, Canonical/Ubuntu are notoriously bad at upstreaming things; patches, translations and now ideas.


YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary

When I read things like "as we all know" from an anonymous commenter then I think there's a certain burden of proof owed to all of us.

So, what percentage of patches, translations, and ideas are upstreamed? How does this percentage compare with other popular OS'es?


Developers do not look into something so abstract as brainstorm. They work in much lower level. Developers follow there bug tracker. What is not in bugtracking system it just now exists for them. Reading thousands of post in brainstorm to get one info is also big waste of time for them.

What I think Ubuntu is failing is to connect this two words "abstract" brainstorm with actual bug-features requests in bugtrackers. So there should be some human power invested to summarize the best ideas from brainstorm and file a bug / feature request in bugtracker. Only when idea is landed in bug tracker developers get it noticed. But also don't push to much ideas to developers, because they will likely write, please use brainstorm for producing ideas - which is probably right because 100 posts replying on bug (idea) does not make a developer easy job on what shout be done. They waste time reading an endless debate of arguments instead of fixing bugs or adding new features.

This is business (ideas) vs. engineer debate. But to bridge them together there should be some business engineer that filters good ideas according to engineer knowledge what is possible to produce in existing framework. To make them easy job there should be developed integration between brainstorm in launchpad.

Now in launchpad are the following topics at the top:
Overview, Code, Bugs, Blueprints, Translations, Answers. There should also be Ideas (from brainstorm integration).


I disagree that developers "don't look". I think they do, but we need more people looking (and taking action) ;)

I like your idea of integrating "Ideas" into Launchpad. It makes sense to tightly couple all of the activities around development. "Ubuntu Brainstorm" and the Ubuntu Stack Exchange site are prime candidates for inclusion. (Both take potentially valuable input and segregate it.)


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