It's 2013! Quick! Phone All Your Friends!

Happy New Year everyone!

The year is off to quite a fun start. You've likely seen the announcements about the Ubuntu Phone (without needing any robot). Finally. Ignore the fact that a lot of "the press" (that is sponsored by competitors - check the ads) isn't quite getting the significance of this. (That's a topic for a future post.)

For us, here's Mark explaining it all in a very clear way:

So, now we have a phone and a tablet, with the exact same interfaces that match the desktop. And soon a TV. No need to learn new interfaces across devices. One interface that spans everything. One project that spans everything.

Please tell all your friends, especially those who think Ubuntu is just software. Heck, call a reporter and explain what Ubuntu really represents.

Randall's prediction: 2013 will be the year we introduce people to systems that work for people, and not vice-versa.


Seems there is a debate tomorrow at zdnet, I am sure they could benefit from someone who has more details about the announce :

So far, SVJN has convinced a majority of the people who voted.


Thanks for the link. I think the debate is improperly framed. This is not about stealing the thunder of what I like to call "the robot that pretends to be free." That bar is too low. It's about offering people a system that is non-abusive. Whether people latch on to that value proposition remains to be seen. I'm confident we can all help explain why this is important.


" 2013 will be the year we introduce people to systems that work for people, and not vice-versa."

You mean 2014? That is when the first phone is expected. If you mean images on the Gnex well there have been people running Ubuntu on phones now for quite some time and even on tablets.... Even before Canonical did the Nexus 7 test there were already people running Ubuntu on the N7 and other tablets.


No, I really meant 2013.

In 2013 we'll have official (and supported) images for the phone and the tablet. And, as Ubuntu Advocates/Evangelists, we'll (finally) be in a position to introduce people to the concept of a system that is non-abusive. Sure we've had the ability to demo "hacks" before, but that served only the "tech enthusiast" crowd.


I like it very much.
Just a note. I think that the killer feature could be the "dock the phone and you get a pc".
I don't know why Marc didn't show it and just quickly said it has that feature, at the end of the video. Maybe it is not ready yet. That is something that no other phone has and that is something that must be show to gain press attention. My 2 cents ;)


I agree. Perhaps he's saving that for CES ;)


Humph! Yet again another announcement.
I will start to get really excited when people can actually go to their neighbourhood big box outlet and purchase a tower, laptop, TV, tablet, or phone with Ubuntu as the operating system that was sanctioned and installed by the manufacturer.
Now that would be real progress!


Stay tuned.

I always like to look back at where we were merely 3 years ago when we couldn't even get a video to play back let alone even imagine Ubuntu on a phone or a tablet. Now we're able to run on a whole bunch of things, and we have the best system in the world.

This is going to be a fun year. :)


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