Tips for Ubuntu Evangelists (and Advocates) - An Introduction

In a prior post, I introduced you to a wee little project that I kicked off at UDS-R. There I hosted a session to discuss how we might begin to change the tone (and the content) of the discussion about Ubuntu. In short, I want to create a process whereby we can all "Amplify the Signal."

In the time since my session, Jono and his marvellous team of Community People (who are both inside and outside Canonical), have serendipitously created a resource that I think is going to really help in this quest: an Advocacy Kit, a highly curated collection of tools to help those of us who want Ubuntu to spread as far, as wide, and as quickly as possible. It's in its early stages but a document framework is in place. I decided to dive right in to see where I could help.

Ubuntu AdvocateUbuntu Advocate

One area that I noticed I could add immediate horsepower was in providing tips for the would-be advocate. That's right up my alley. That's what an Ubuntu Evangelist does. S/he equips people with tools to be effective. S/he gets people excited about advocating for Ubuntu.

Over the next few days I'll be sharing my tips for Ubuntu advocates. Things I've learned the hard way by trying things myself, failing, re-thinking, and then trying again.

Please stay tuned to this "channel" for Tip #1 tomorrow.


Want to get involved in the advocacy kit too? I highly recommend it! Please check out Jono's post here and think about what you can do to help:


"Ubuntu Advocate" image (CC-BY-2.0) by Myles Braithwaite.

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