Tip #5 for Ubuntu Evangelists (and Advocates)

Serial tips! I've presented Tip #1, Tip #2, Tip #3, and Tip #4. I've encouraged every advocate-to-be to use Ubuntu (every day), to drop references to technical minutia when talking about it, to pronounce it correctly (oo-boon-too), and to be selective when choosing where to direct your advocacy. The fun continues with...

My next tip:

Tip #5:
Don't be a soloist.

Ubuntu Advo-catUbuntu Advo-cat

You're not the whole Ubuntu community. The hundreds thousands of people in your city who enjoy Ubuntu collectively have a much greater wealth of Ubuntu knowledge than yourself individually will ever have.

So, if you've found someone that you think is ready for Ubuntu, encourage them to participate in the local Ubuntu community in your city as their first step. Help them find people in your city that also enjoy Ubuntu.

There's really no substitute for a face-to-face Ubuntu community and the person you guide towards it will be richer in knowledge because you have done so.

... And, you'll be able to spend more time finding the next advocate rather than installing Ubuntu or solving tech issues!

But wait! There's more! Stay tuned for Tip #6 tomorrow. Another thing I've learned the hard way by trying, failing, re-thinking, and then trying again. (While you're waiting, don't forget to tip your waiter :P)


Be an Advo-cat! Check out the brand new community-built, full of awesome Advocacy Kit:


"Ubuntu Advo-cat" image (CC BY 2.0) by "blumblaum". http://www.flickr.com/photos/blumblaum/5005537984/sizes/l/in/photostream/

No kittens were harmed during the production of this post. Toads maybe. ;)


Good "tipping", Randall! For those (like myself) who are still discovering Ubuntu, it's important to have a community and know that they aren't alone. I've already been asking friends if they use Ubuntu, to get their help/advice, etc. Perhaps the advocat(e)s could help the new discoverers to reach out as well. They would likely be pleasantly surprised how many people are using it, and how willing they are to help!


Thanks for the suggestion.

If you're finding people that are using Ubuntu and are not part of an organized Ubuntu local community group, please encourage them to join one. I often find that there are soloists out there trying to take on the burden of support and education, which makes it harder than it needs to be.

In Vancouver, we're at http://meetup.com/ubuntuvancouver. Anywhere else in the world, people can go to http://loco.ubuntu.com to find the nearest group.


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