This Is Ubuntu Community!

When you think of Ubuntu community, what comes to mind?

Do you think of people huddled over keyboards, staring at dimly lit screens and IRC channels? Do you think of programming? Do you think of squabbling? In-fighting?

I don't.

When I think of Ubuntu community, I think of people who love to get together to celebrate the world's most collaborative project. I think of people who share the ethos that "we are all one." I think of people giving up their Saturday afternoon to do something to spread Ubuntu to those who have never heard of it. I think of the person seeing Ubuntu for the first time and falling in love with technology again.

Last week, I kicked off the first meeting of the "Ubuntu Evangelists," a new swat-team of Ubuntu folks who know how to instill passion in others and how to raise the enthusiasm for Ubuntu in the circles they travel. And, a side-effect of this meeting was my new friend Rudy in Paris sharing this fun video. Give it a watch and then tell me in the comments that Ubuntu is anything other than amazing!

Thank you Rudy for spreading enthusiasm and showing other Ubuntu people what this is all about!

Are you an Ubuntu Evangelist? Do you want to see Ubuntu everywhere in your lifetime? When cut, do you bleed Pantone 1665?

Join us! Spread your passion for Ubuntu. Help tilt the earth's axis. We're here:

Do you have a photo or video of your Ubuntu community having fun? Share it with me in an email or comment here.


Like many. I don't like Unity, so I don't use it. Am I still part of the Ubuntu community?

Chief Information Officer (Retired 1984)
Australian Capital Territory


Though I don't agree with the phrase "Like many", yes, you are still part of the Ubuntu community. In my experience, most of the people discovering Ubuntu for the first time are delighted with Unity, as are many of those who have been around this project for a long time, myself included :)


That looks fun! :)


Interesting video, however I won't agree that enthusiasm is a key or a factor to run a community, software or a project, let’s interpret below data

Group Name/Found Date/Members as of Mar.17.2013
Vancouver Pixel Crafters /Jan-10/1519
Vancouver Business Network/Mar-10/2874
Internal Mastermind Group/Jun-10/2532
Conversation English/Aug-10/2287


Hi Zigzag. I'm looking for your point but not finding it.

Are you implying that size is everything? I'm familiar with what makes groups large in Vancouver (hobbies/crafts, business networking, outdoorsy stuff, language sharing). And I'm also familiar with large groups that are essentially "business card sharing" mechanisms. Yawn.

So tell me, what does make a community thrive if it's not enthusiasm? Inquiring readers want to know ;)

Do you want to start an Ubuntu group in Burnaby BC? Do you have some great advice that eludes the rest of us? What resonates with *your* community?


-Size is not everything but an indictor of the growth, it might not a ratio to reflect how ‘great ‘the group is, however we shall be aware of the ‘numbers’

-To start/develop/expand a community is alike to plant, enthusiasm is fertilizer, but what really make the plant grow? I guess it‘s contributed to so many other factors’ i.e. seed [project], soil [platform], water [people], environment [timing] etc.

-Resonate with ‘my community’? I am a free bird and not belong to any community ;)

However I am open to participate or start-up a community if it contains below factors
-Great Project which is able to help people, society and world
-Clear goals and objectives with a reasonable timeline
-A smart, curious, maturity and highly collaborative team
-A practical and effective business strategy & follow up actions
-A systematic appraisal policy


...the gentleman at 2:10 has nearly lost his pants. Just saying'


That was a close call!


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