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We Are Not Loco: Ubuntu Vancouver Loco's Last Day

Greetings Ubuntu Vancouver, and friends from around the world. It is with no regret that I make this announcement today, an announcement that has been in the works for months, and on many Ubuntu Vancouverites' minds for much longer.

Today will be the last day of the Ubuntu Vancouver Loco.

November 15th seems a fitting day to pull the trigger on this. It's election day in Vancouver, which means new possibilities and hopefully a brand new mandate for our fantastic Mayor Gregor. You see, Mayor Gregor has challenged the status quo in Vancouver, and continues to do so every single day. With his vision, Vancouver is on its way to become the "World's Greenest City" and is steadfastly committed to ending homelessness once and for all in our city. You would think that all people would like those goals. You'd be wrong.

It's also the day after Jono Bacon's fantastic post on why Ubuntu governance needs a reboot. Jono is an eloquent writer, and it's really an amazing read. I can tell that it is very heart-felt. His thesis: The Ubuntu governing bodies (Community Council and Loco Council) are out-of-step with what Ubuntu is today. He offers a "reboot" proposition as a means to help reinvigorate the community. You'd be tempted to think that all Ubuntu people would like that goal. You'd be wrong.

It's been five and a half years since "Ubuntu Vancouver Loco" hit the scene. What started a year earlier as a small handful of Ubuntu enthusiasts (humans really) that loved to get together to celebrate Ubuntu grew into a proverbial tour de force. I am still amazed at what we have done. When I look back at all the blood, sweat, and tears and the sacrifices that that I and the other core members of the group have made to get us where we are today, I am truly amazed. And, I am thankful that such a lovely group of people exists in this world. My friends. My Vancouver.

But, before we toss the thing that was called "Ubuntu Vancouver Loco" into the Georgia Strait at English Bay (what a fitting location for a ceremony!), let's recap our history:

    Ubuntu Vancouver Loco
  • Founded: March 18, 2009
  • Members: 541 ubuntuvancouver-ites
  • Events: 145 (or 2 events/month, on average)
  • We have never been "Approved" (whatever that means), and have never sought or wanted to be.

You would think that we got to this size and activity level by following the path (rules) set for us by Ubuntu's governance bodies and with their assistance. You'd be wrong.

We got this way by chasing our own dream: To make everyone in this city aware of Ubuntu, to create the largest group of Ubuntu enthusiasts in the world, and to make Ubuntu and Vancouver synonymous. We got this way by choosing our own path. And ever so occasionally, we reached out gently to our friends at Canonical, and guess what? They helped. So much for the conspiracy.

In the past several years, I've been thinking *hard* about ways to spread Ubuntu in our city. Eliminating the problems that are introduced by legacy terminology seems an easy thing to fix.

  • Loco has a bad connotation in Spanish.
  • (Yes, words do set perceptions.)

  • Using the term Loco carries with it a bureaucracy burden.
  • The inclusion of the word Loco confuses people (outside the group).

None of these are helpful.

So, on this day of November 15th, 2014, I hereby announce with the support of our members the "Ubuntu Vancouver Loco" is no longer.

May you rest in peace. Vancouver, we are *NOT* loco.

It's time for a change.

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