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The World Needs To Hear You

Ubuntu Community Week is your chance to learn about how Ubuntu communities and LoCo teams work. It's also your chance to showcase the great work your Ubuntu group is doing to help people find Ubuntu, to grow your community, and to make events even more awesome!

We have a few slots lefts for presenters, but not many! So, if you have a good Ubuntu story to tell please head on over to the UCW wiki page and nominate yourself to spread your wisdom.

The world needs to hear you!

Ubuntu Community Week: We Have Lift-Off!

I'm pleased to announce that we're quickly gathering a stellar cast of presenters from some of the farthest reaches of our Ubuntu communities.

Want a sneak-peek? Check out some of the planned presentations on our Ubuntu Community Week wiki page.

Are you a "mover and shaker" in an Ubuntu community group (LoCo team)? Want to get involved? There is still time to volunteer to present. Here is a list of our "Most Wanted Topics". (Please hurry though!)

Ubuntu Community Week takes place from Mon 18 July to Fri 22 July, 2011.

I hope you'll mark your calendars and join us!

Come Together, Right Now, In Unity.

Way back in the 80's I used to listen to "Unity", on vinyl. Yes, apparently I'm that old. To my surprise, I found this (now rare) track online today, after all these years. Take a listen. The internets is magic ;)

Though the song is about in-fighting amongst DJ's and MC's in the 80's rap music scene, I think it has a lot to say about some of what has been going on in the Ubuntu world recently. We should all come together, right now, for the sake of the advancement of free software and its ideals. This is our best chance.

Speaking of coming together: Next Friday, UVLC's DJ's will be spinning our Unity mix at a *real* party. See you all there! You do know your way to Vancouver, right?

P.S. Leave your computers at home. We will have powerful magnetic fields at the door that will do bad things to them.

Narwhals by Kirby.WA. U-Party crest by yours truly. (CC-BY-SA)

Do U-Party? Vancouver Style, with Duck Sauce?

Do you like Ubuntu?
Do you know how to party?
Can you find Vancouver?

We're getting ready for a *real* party!

Here's a little music teaser with a taste of duck sauce.

U-Party. A Celebration of Ubuntu and Unity. U-should come!

One week to go!

Music edit courtesy of Joe, our Master Presenter! He rocks.

Ubuntu: Install Community First

A new Ubuntu user lives in your city, your community. He's decided to install and use Ubuntu. He's writing about it.

Meet Tony Bradley, columnist for PC World's Business Center, fellow Human. Tony is conducting a "30 Days With Ubuntu"1 experiment. Tony has decided to try Ubuntu and to report on the ease-of-use and ease-of-switch from his perspective as "an avid, loyal Windows user since Windows 3.0." Tony is clearly amongst the ~93% of the market that is on the other side of the chasm.

Tony is struggling. I must admit that as I read his daily articles (now on Day 6), I shudder. My favourite operating system is apparently letting him down. Why, oh why?

Put yourself in Tony's shoes. You've decided to take a trip to a new city called "Ubuntu". You've just arrived here, and you're looking for guide posts and directions. You're lost.

Luckily, others have arrived before you, and they've produced a map to help you find what you need. Tragically, you don't know these people exist.

We have a saying in Vancouver Canada (home of my favourite LoCo): "Install Community First". This comes from a realization that no user transplanted from another system (or city) can possibly grasp Ubuntu and all of its nuances without a helpful human guide or two. There's too much noise (and not enough signal) out there.

I don't know Tony. But I do know why he's struggling so much. He forgot to install community. In fact he never knew it existed in the first place. How would he have known, since it doesn't exist in the proprietary world that he's used to? Frankly, this is our bug to fix, one city at a time, block-by-block.

"Houston, we have a problem." Can you help us on the ground?

1. The original series title includes the "L" word. I've dropped it for the sake of amplifying the signal.

Ubuntu Community Week: It's New!

Did you know that we have several great online learning opportunities happening during this (Oneiric Ocelot) cycle?

One that I'm particularly jazzed about is Ubuntu Community Week.

Do you use Ubuntu? Do you know at least 30 other people in your town/city that do? Can you find them? Can you connect and share tips & tricks and collaborate with them? How do you get started?

Or, are you already a part of an active community or established team? Is it growing? Are there Ubuntu events that you can join nearby? Do you want to help your community team be even bigger, stronger, faster?

We have designed this brand new event to help you:

  • Find your community,
  • Participate in your community,
  • Create your community,
  • Energize your community, and
  • Elevate your community to new heights!

This event is scheduled to take place from Mon 18 July - Fri 22 July, 2011 on Lernid (your free online learning tool).

Help shape the event, or stay abreast of our plans by checking out the Ubuntu Community Week wiki page, and let's get Ubuntu community growing together!

Showcasing Our Amazing Ubuntu Community

Do you have a blog?
Do you live in a city/town?
Are you part of an Ubuntu LoCo (local community)?
Do you attend your LoCo's local events?

If you answered "yes" to these four important questions, you are on your way to increased readership, fame, fortune, ... er, while maybe the first two to start ;)

We're looking for people that blog about Ubuntu community, with passion.

Ubuntu community is the most exciting way to experience the world's MCAP (most collaboratively amazing project). When you step outside and meet other Ubuntu users and contributors magical things happen. When you share your stories, Ubuntu spreads.

Tell the world about it. Write about (and show) your encounters with Ubuntu community. Then, nominate yourself (or someone you know) to be one of the first bloggers in the world to be featured on the Ubuntu LoCo teams portal.

We're looking for 25 bloggers to showcase. And, you don't have to be an Ubuntu member to blog with us. Here's the place to add your feed: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoPortalFeeds

Please hurry!
We are going to launch something soon :)

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