Measuring Jam

Confession: I'm a dashboard kinda guy. So, when approached to help "catalyze" the Raring Ringtail edition of the Ubuntu Global Jam, my natural instinct was to measure and to report the result.

Here's where we stand:

Note: I say "stand" rather than "stood", as there still might be Jams in March that haven't hit yet.


We're back on a growth curve. Admittedly the Quantal number had me a bit worried, and I was dreading that occurring again. Thankfully, we've recovered nicely. We're not yet where I want to be, but with one more cycle and a big push, I think we'll be able to set a new Ubuntu Global Jam Record.

Thank you everyone that Jammed, and thank you to those who will soon Jam. Let's keep this momentum going!

Think big. Let's Jam the planet with Ubuntu.


Hey, just a note to say that I participated in the Vancouver Ubuntu Jam and it was not only fun but educational. Joe Liau and Randall (see this blog) did excellent presentations on what's up in Ubuntu and I left (and everyone else) more encouraged about this project than ever before. There is something amazing about seeing the tablet and smart phone version of Ubuntu live that cements the fact that Ubuntu means business and is already 'the next thing'. Soon when people say 'they' they will be referring to you and I.


Technically speaking, two points cannot possibly describe a curve =)

Seriously, congrats, always good to see community efforts succeeding.


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