The appropriate action for a Planet Ubuntu article that violates Ubuntu's Code of Conduct should be the following:

Do nothing
25% (31 votes)
Talk to a friend about it
0% (0 votes)
Get angry
5% (6 votes)
Post a comment in that article
7% (9 votes)
Write an article that condemns the original article
4% (5 votes)
Submit the link to Slashdot
2% (3 votes)
Remove the posting (Community Council)
14% (17 votes)
Issue a stern warning to the author, then remove the posting
23% (28 votes)
Issue a stern warning to the author, leave the posting up
10% (12 votes)
Remove (ban) the author
5% (6 votes)
Something else (See comments)
5% (6 votes)
Total votes: 123

I agree with Elisabeth. Seems reasonable.


In cases of violations the post should be removed (Canonical Information Serives) and the situation investigated by the Community Council with the potential of banning the offending poster.


Invite the author to edit out the offending comments. If the author refuses then remove the post from Planet Ubuntu. Repeat violations should bring the risk of the blog not being aggregated on Planet Ubuntu. Ask the author if he/she wishes to relinquish the responsibilities of serving as a Ubuntu Member.


It certainly depends upon the violation as the CoC can be quite subjective, and unfortunately we don't have per-post control over posts (it's either remove the whole feed or nothing).

FWIW, historically for major issues the CC will remove the feed immediately and follow up with the author to discuss. If the infraction is more questionable we may engage in a dialog first.

For some reason I don't have an option to add a name to this comment like I do on other posts, but I'm Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph :)


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