How much *non-Ubuntu* content are you willing to tolerate on Planet Ubuntu?

11% (21 votes)
2% (3 votes)
6% (11 votes)
1% (1 vote)
5% (10 votes)
9% (18 votes)
7% (13 votes)
15% (30 votes)
14% (27 votes)
11% (21 votes)
None. I want every article to be about Ubuntu.
22% (44 votes)
Total votes: 199

I find a lot of the posts on Planet Ubuntu helpful. Some of them are a bit more technical than my level and thus are not necessarily what I am looking for, but I can understand that these posts are useful resources to developers and the like. What I don't understand is why there are posts that have nothing to do with Ubuntu. These may still be interesting posts in themselves, but they seem to belong somewhere else. I like people who are married, want to get married, were at some point married, or wish they were never married. But do wedding posts that tell us everything that happened on the big day and the honeymoon after belong on Planet Ubuntu? I find them a bit distracting, and sometimes when I stumble upon one of these articles, it feels like I'm on a different planet :) Othertimes, I keep reading and waiting for the Ubuntu punchline that ever comes. Ok, if people met at some Ubuntu event and now decide to marry or have an Ubuntu baby, congratulations! It would be cool to know that! But maybe they can leave the rest for the story to their personal blog page. Sure, include a link to the blog page, so those of us who want to know more about their personal life can read all about it, but I would rather that Planet Ubuntu stays focused as much as possible ;)


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