Planet Awesome! Poll #5

Is your Planet really awesome?

Please click through for Poll Question #5. Thanks in advance for participating.

I am asking some basic questions in order to gauge the audience, relevance, and usefulness of Planet Ubuntu. I have my opinions, but I would like to see what the data says.

All poll results will be summarized and published here.

Not an Ubuntu member (and can't post to Planet Ubuntu)? If you have a poll question you'd like me to ask, just ask (in the comments)!


once every few months. I could put 0 or 1-4 but neither are a good approximation.


There should be a poll option to say "As They Come".

I've always read Planet Ubuntu through Google Reader, and now Feedly.


Good point. Would that qualify as >20 per week? I think the flow of articles easily surpasses that.


Just checked the site and in the last 4 days there's been 45+ articles. I guess >20 will have to do haha.

I just think reading the site can be different from post frequency on the planet.


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