Planet Awesome! Poll #3

Is your Planet awesome?

Please click through for Poll Question #3. Thanks for participating.

I am asking some basic questions in order to gauge the audience, relevance, and usefulness of Planet Ubuntu. I have my opinions, but I would like to see what the data says.

All poll results will be summarized and published here.


Can we restrict postings according to content/topic rather than people? I mentioned in my comments for another poll that I would prefer to see only Ubuntu content on Planet Ubuntu -- by that I mean topics that are related to Ubuntu and mention Ubuntu by name. I'm ok with anyone posting on Planet Ubuntu, as long as their posts are about Ubuntu. The rest is noise.


I can´t be so restrictive, in my opinión the scope is the key...

My questions about this restriction are (like in an experiment about profitable social interaction networking)... what is your target audience? what are your target contributors? how will you want to manage the comunication process? where will you want the value (relevance/information/knowledge/resources) come from? how to deliver and making profitable that value? it is compatible with your objectives?



[disclaimer" I'm a Fedora contributor, but I follow Planet Ubuntu because it often contains some interesting stuff and I'm not into pissing contests]

I answered "People who contribute to Ubuntu.

That being said, I never really understood why there was a need to make a difference between Ubuntu contributors and Ubuntu "members".

Is the latter some kind of elite? Is the distinction really needed?


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