Planet Awesome! Poll #1

Is your Planet awesome?

Over the coming days, I will be asking some basic questions in order to gauge the audience, relevance, and usefulness of Planet Ubuntu. I have my opinions, but I would like to see what the data says.

All poll results will be summarized and published here.

Please click through for Poll #1. Thanks for participating.


What is an Ubuntu member?

I know the official answer is someone who contributes (fixes,documentation,art,loco teams,launchpad,upstream) to the project for a sustained period of time (6 months straight or more), then schedules a meeting (based on Ubuntu flavor/timezone) with a membership council (subject to approval).

Or can we tailor membership to be:

Someone who is passionate about the project? Perhaps an early adopter that is excited about the latest and greatest that software has to offer. Maybe its an Ubuntu evangelist that tells others to use Ubuntu for the other persons benefit. Musicians, Gamers, Students, Moms, and Dads can and do love Ubuntu.

For a project/community of this type and scale, Ubuntu needs more evangelists. People who have the passion to spread Ubuntu beyond the software cycle. Membership will follow.

This isn't sales. We don't have an army of sales people to push iFruit devices. In our case devices like the Ubuntu Edge could certainly help people see/touch the platform vision, but it's not the entire picture. Passion, marketing through evangelism/community not sales, and finally the technology will help Ubuntu succeed, not by having a bureau of bureaucracy (No offense to the membership council.)

I voted #2, but identify with Ubuntu. Contribution wise, I'll install the Ubuntu Dailies. I'll occasionaly poke around in launchpad to read bug reports (Software QA is my day job so going beyond that is too much for me). I'll goto a loco event if the geography and timing works out (I've been to meetings in Vancouver and Mountain View). Officially I'm not a member but, i'll always talk, read, and live Ubuntu.


Good points. I too think we need a reduction/elimination of bureaucracy that dampens enthusiasm. Perhaps there's a better route to "membership".


I'm missing the third alternative "I am not an Ubuntu Member..yet." :)


Good idea!


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