South America! Are You On the Map?

Who amongst you likes maps? Any cartographers out there?

Anyways, in my quest to map every Ubuntu group in the world, I present South America.

Are you living in South America somewhere? If your country is shaded orange, there is an Ubuntu group present.

Is your country represented?
Is your province (or state)?
Is your city (or town)?

Ubuntu can and should be everywhere in South America. There should be solid orange in every country, and lots and lots of city dots. There are countries without Ubuntu groups. There are some large cities that I expected to see on the map but didn't.

On a positive note, I was happy to see some state teams in Brazil. That's progress!

If you're reading this and notice you're not "on the map", then I'm here to help you get on it. Please send me an email and

Let me know!


Ubuntu São Paulo is a state-wide team in Brazil.
Ubuntu Ceará is a state-wide team in Brazil.
Ubuntu Santa Catarina is a state-wide team in Brazil.

Where did I get the data?
Inkscape rocks!


hi randall
i was wondering, do you think we are considered to be south american, even if we are in the Caribbean( i mean us at ubuntu-tt), since we are mostly english speaking while the south american teams seem to be predominantly spanish or portugese.


Hi Kurt,

Nice to hear from you. You raise a good point. It would seem to me that it might be more logical to group the Caribbean countries together rather than divide them into North and South America. I'd welcome others' thoughts on this too.



in South america all countries but Brazil have one LoCo per country, not per city :-)

and about South America, UbuConLA is coming, the Multi-LoCo Anual Event.


Hi Pablo,

Thanks for letting me know about the event!

I'm encouraging people all over South America to consider starting more Ubuntu local communities, in states, provinces, cities, towns, villages, etc, etc. There are no limits.

Let's light up the map and see how big we can make Ubuntu!



This is something to work on, I would like to have teams in "in states, provinces, cities, towns, villages, etc, etc" but in a national structure I mean have kind of sub-loco in main National LoCo teams, I think that could work in southamerican countries at least.

I will talk to other LoCos in the UbuConLA meetings to have more views about this and reply you back.



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