Oceania! Are You On the Map?

Finally, my effort to map every Ubuntu group in the world finds me in Oceania! I'm excited as this completes my mapping mission. I hope you enjoyed the tour of the world with me.

Are you living in Oceania somewhere? If your country is shaded orange, there is an Ubuntu group present.

Is your country represented?
Is your province (or state)?
Is your city (or town)?

Ubuntu can and should be spread all across Oceania.

The bad.
There should be solid orange in every country, and dozens of city dots. You'll notice there are still island nations without Ubuntu groups. Micronesia? Melanesia? Polynesia?!

You'll note the absence of city-based teams in New Zealand and Australia. This is definitely a bug to be fixed. Want to help?

The good!
On a positive note, our friends in Australia (hi Joel!), and in New Zealand are out there spreading the word and growing Ubuntu.

Now, let's get the biggest cities in Oceania on the map.

If you're reading this and notice you're not "on the map", then I am here to help you get on it. Please send me an email and

Let me know!


Where did I get the data? http://loco.ubuntu.com.
Inkscape rocks!


At times in the past months, it seems that Ubuntu was defined as Unity-Ubuntu, so seemed to exclude those of us who moved to X, L or Kubuntu. Is this still the case?

To me, Unity is a badly designed Docky-replacement. Of course if my PC and or apps require cpu-gpu robbers, I could add Compiz, etc .... but Unity does not give me that easy choice.

Many buntu derivatives are not so fearful of legal precautions that occupy Canonical. ATM I favor Zorin, Xubuntu or Pear-os. Are users & potential contributors like myself allowed?

Chief Information Officer (Retired 1984)
Australian Capital Territory


The focus of development is on Ubuntu with Unity, and the largest community is around that. The extended community includes the different "flavours", and all are welcome!


Not use to hearing the name Oceania.

It's been interesting watching you mapping the LoCo groups.

Great job!


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