Hey North America! Are You On the Map?

Some fun making maps today! I have begun mapping every Ubuntu group in the world.

Please take a look at North America. If it's shaded orange, there is an Ubuntu group present somewhere in that territory.

Is your country represented?
Is your province (or state)?
Is your city (or town)?

You know how I feel. Ubuntu can and should be everywhere. There should be solid orange and lots and lots of city dots. You do live in a city, right?

If you're reading this and notice you're not "on the map", then I'm here to help you get on it.

Let me know!

Quebec is a province in Canada.
Vancouver, Chicago, Dallas, and Washington DC all have city-based Ubuntu groups.
Where did I get the data? http://loco.ubuntu.com.


Alabama should have been orange a long time ago.


I like the map and shows how much Ubuntu is being used throughout the world. However, I noticed that the map of Belize is not highlighted. I was wondering how we could fix this. I am a part of two community groups: BelizeLUG (Belize Linux Users Group) and BOS (Belize Open Source). Our main distro is Ubuntu and would like to represent our country as we have members all throughout the country as well.

Leonardo Cunil


Hi Leonardo,

Thanks for your comment and for letting me know. Please go to https://launchpad.net and register yourself there (if you don't already have an account.) Next, register a team. I suggest that you make it a moderated team initially. https://launchpad.net/people/+newteam . Choose a name such as "Ubuntu Belize"

Please email once you get this far and I'll help you with publicity and getting started. I am randall on Launchpad.

Thanks and good luck!



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