Africa! Are You On the Map?

In my quest to map every Ubuntu group in the world, I present Africa.

Do you live in Africa? If your country is shaded orange, there is an Ubuntu group present somewhere.

Is your country represented?
Is your province (or state)?
Is your city (or town)?

Ubuntu can and should be everywhere. There should be solid orange and lots and lots of city dots. There are too many countries without Ubuntu groups. There are some large cities that I expected to see on the map but didn't.

If you're reading this and notice you're not "on the map", then I'm here to help you get on it. Please send me an email and

Let me know!


Where did I get the data?
Inkscape rocks!


My name is Adeyeye Samuel, am a student of Osun State University, studying linguistics and communication but focusing on computational linguistic, i will like to start UBUNTU group in Nigeria, also my aim is to link it up to the general publics and other universities, colleges, and polytechnics in Nigeria. assuring you to give you the best. i will be grateful if my request is granted.


Thanks for your message. YES! Please start an Ubuntu group in your city! No permission is needed :) If you need any help, please feel free to email me.


Why do you include the occupied Western Sahara as a country with Moroccan Users? As far as I know, there's no loco group there.


Corrected that on the master map, which I'll publish in an upcoming post. Thank you for pointing that out.


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