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Hello Planet Ubuntu!

This is my first post to Planet Ubuntu, so if goof up, please be kind :)

I'm Randall Ross, widely known as the Ubuntu Vancouver "Buzz Generator" and the Community Manager of the Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo.

I have been using Ubuntu on my personal computing equipment since 2006. Before that, I used a long string of GNU/Linux based distro's dating back to approximately 1996, and before that many UNIX variants. I am a strong FLOSS advocate and supporter.

Vancouver BC Canada? Remember the 2010 Winter Olympics? They were here! Want to find us? We're on the west coast of Canada. Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo is my main Ubuntu focus and it's enough to keep me *very* busy.

Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo is currently over 350 people. We meet 4-5 times a month, sometimes more. Our events are very diverse and fun: We organize parties (real ones), restaurant social events, presentations, and support events.

I believe in the need to fix Bug #1 quickly. I believe that Ubuntu represents the best chance we have to do that and even more. But, we have to hurry and we need to cross the chasm.

More to come...

IT Leaders: Have You Worked in a LORT Shop?

A colleague passed along an article today that I felt compelled to comment on. Go ahead and give it a read. Executive Summary: IT strategies are a folly.

So, "Is the best IT strategy no IT strategy"? That depends what planet you're on. On planet "tech journalism" it makes for a controversial headline. But, on planet earth a CIO with no strategy is like a ship's captain with no destination and by extension no map to get there. A CIO that operates under this slogan is an ideal customer for LORT (lots of random technology.) Have any of you worked in a LORT shop?

As a CIO, formulate a sensible strategy that is aligned with your company's (CEO) strategy. Innovate on a technology level to make it sizzle but while doing so keep your costs under control.

Hello World

This is a test to see if all of this works. There is nothing of further interest in this post. Why are you still reading?

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