Ubuntu. We're Going to Mars!

Ubuntu Friends,

Some news from Ubuntu Vancouver and also from our sister group, Ubuntu Mars:

In 1975, NASA launched the historic billion–dollar mission to land on Mars and to photograph its surface. It was the most ambitious space science project in history and it was a resounding success. Well, almost...

All but a few images were lost. Why? Depending on who you ask, you'll get a bunch of excuses, apologies, or even silence. My best information (from the source) tells me it was a result of data loss, indirectly related to the misapplication of proprietary software and tools to a public mission. Proprietary software has no place in projects that are funded by the public for the public. Lesson learned? Hopefully.

A few years back, when I was just getting started building Ubuntu Vancouver, I met Kip Warner who introduced me to one of the most profound and interesting projects I had ever heard of: a project to create a game on Ubuntu that would allow people to design a new society based on Mars as a way to learn why Earth is broken and how to build a future society that actually works.

There was just a *tiny* snag: In order to get the imagery to create the game, Kip and his crew had to first recover the Viking images.

Good news! They did it! The ground-breaking software originally intended as an internal research tool, is now available.(It's licensed under GPLv3, and totally rockin' on Ubuntu),

You too can experience the Mars imagery in its true and original glory by going here:


The team will have a lot more to showcase with you over the coming weeks, including already complete beautiful concept artwork.

Thanks for helping us with this important mission!

See you on Mars!


Do you live in Vancouver? Join us!
Want to help with the Mars mission? Join us!
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