Do You Think Ubuntu Local Community Is Dead (In Your City)? Think Again.

If you do, please take a look at a recent Ubuntu Vancouver "A Cup of Ubuntu" event. (It's a bit like an Ubuntu Hour, but with several twists and marketing hooks which I'll describe in an upcoming post.)

Does your city have these events? No?

The most likely reason is that no one has stepped up to organize one. You could be the person in your city that changes that equation. The fact is: we are all creators of Ubuntu.

This post brought to you live from UDS-R "Blog-o-rama".

"Ubuntu is not just software."


Nice Ubuntu event. Since I don't see any laptops, to me this looks more like a thinly disguised excuse for men to hook up with other men.

Ubuntu is not just people. It is first and foremost software, without which the community wouldn't exist. If your group has little interest in the software itself then you're not really an Ubuntu group. Find some other pretext to meet, and leave the Ubuntu meetings to the software enthusiasts and people seeking technical help with the software, so they won't leave disappointed.


Nice try. Troll elsewhere.


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