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Thank you for visiting this site. Your readership and support are appreciated. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or feedback, please check out the contact info link and send Randall a note.

What Is This Site About?

It's the personal blog of Randall Ross. Topics usually include technology and computing, especially their intersection and socio-political implications.

This blog does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Randall's client(s) and employer(s). Any articles that appear on this site are Randall's own and should be interpreted strictly as personal.

Who Is He?

Randall is currently one of Ubuntu's Community Managers, the "Buzz Generator" (and Community Manager) for Ubuntu Vancouver. He is also the owner and operator of "executiv.es", a boutique IT consulting firm specializing in IT strategy, process improvement, cost optimization, and the direction of technical teams.


Randall wears (and has worn) many professional hats. Here are a few:

* Information Technology Executive
* Consulting and Professional Services Manager
* Engineering Manager
* Community Manager
* Change Agent

If you need help in any of these areas, Randall can likely provide it. His major strength is in building and nurturing effective teams.


* Social Issues in Computing
* Technology-Business Alignment
* Human-centric Technology Design

Computing Technology History

Randall has been enjoying and contributing to Ubuntu since 2006. He became an Ubuntu Member in 2010. Before that, Randall administered UNIX system since approximately 1986 and GNU/Linux based systems since 1995. Randall has also used almost every system produced by a "fruit company in Cupertino" from 1985 through 2000 before switching to RedHat in the late 90's, then Fedora, and then Ubuntu <3 .

Blogging History

Randall's first public website was in 1995. He began dabbling in blogging in 2003, and then began again (in earnest on this site) in 2010.

Standard Disclaimers Apply

The opinions expressed herein are purely the author's and do not reflect those of his client(s), employer(s), friend(s), colleague(s), family, associate(s), or anyone else. When occasional alignment does occur it should be deemed coincidental.

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