Instant Ubuntu Group: Just Add Water

Opening salvo: Posts on a mailing list asking for technical help are indicative of a broken local community.

A thought experiment: What if each one of us who post to mailing lists, forums, and other online places to ask for Ubuntu help were to do one extra thing: State your town/city in the post?

An extension: What if each tech-savvy person encountering a plea for help in their (now recognizable) town/city were to offer assistance over a coffee/tea, in person.

The result: Instant formation of a new Ubuntu group in your town. Ubuntu becomes more fun! Parties!

The pleasant side effect: Less chatter and noise about Ubuntu problems, errors, bugs, and Unity-hate on the interwebs.

It only takes two people and 20 minutes to start an Ubuntu group in your town. I hope you'll give it a try. JUST ADD WATER!

...from Vancouver.

image (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) eraine


Not everyone can safely announce their location (or birth name), especially women, transgendered individals and anyone who's being stalked.


I agree, but I thing we have a big opportunity to reach the majority who are not in the categories that you outline.


In large geographic local communities a post for to a mailing list or forum for help may indicate that there is a 'hole' in loco coverage rather than a borked Loco.

In general I do like the prescribed 'treatment' and feel it could help build local Ubuntu groups. Good suggestion.


Thanks Charles.

I'm firm on the "broken" part. If I'm in a town with more than a couple hundred people and I have to post to a list to get assistance, then the Ubuntu community in that town:
1) Does not exist, or
2) Is not findable, or
3) Is borked.

We need to fix all 3.

Note that I'm not referring to "LoCo" in the traditional sense. Country and State/Province LoCo's are not generally in a position to provide local services on par with a city/town level group. That's a bug.


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