Juju is... Music!

Many of you who follow my blog have heard me say "Ubuntu is not just software."

Well, by extension, neither is Juju. Juju is part of Ubuntu and like its parent, it's more than bits and bytes.

Today I learned that Juju is not only the coolest and most effortless way to solve problems using private, public, or community clouds, but is also a very talented musician.

Please take a look at this spine-tingling performance by Mojo Juju entitled "I Put A Spell On You". It's guaranted to get you moving on this Monday...


Thanks Mojo for an inspiring and magical performance!

And what about you? If I were to ask you to complete this sentence, what would you say?
"Juju is ________"


Sad to see,

that nobody is actually asking for the roots of the words we are using.

Juju actually described West African Religions from the European point of view.
Nowadays it's used equally for West African witchcraft, some people are wrongly using Juju as another word for Voodoo, which it isn't.

This is actually the definition which Wikipedia gives us. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juju)

A better example of Juju is written by Layton Green in his 'Dominic Grey' Series, in particular in the novell "The Summoner". (I mentioned that already last year in my blog post: http://blog.sourcecode.de/blog/page/2/ - Some Ideas for Relaxation)

But this is all subjective...a much better explanation of what Juju is and what is it used for 'nowadays', is written here on Modern Ghana: http://www.modernghana.com/news/119545/1/juju-success-and-the-ghanaian-e...

I don't really know, why someone choose 'Juju' for a Cloud Deployment Tool, because the term 'Juju' implies some negative meanings.

The 'charms' in Canonicals 'Juju' are also coming from this witchcraft environment.

Also the word 'Mojo' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mojo_(African-American_culture) has something to do with magic.

As said, it's sad to see and realize that most people don't think about the root of words we are using today for Software Projects (best example from yesterday: Fugu a /usr/bin/docker wrapper, and it should be healthy to use it,quite the opposite to the Fugu Fish which is highly toxic)


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