Prague Will Jam. Will You?

Where will you be on Saturday March 3rd 2012? No plans yet? GREAT! How about heading over to Prague?

The Ubuntu Global Jam in Prague is one of those "must attend" events. And this weekend, I had the honour of interviewing the organizer, Vojtěch Trefný of the Ubuntu Czech Republic team.

1) Vojtěch, what does the Ubuntu Global Jam mean to you personally?

It's a good opportunity to meet other people from our community and
to work together. It's much more fun when we do something with Ubuntu together, talk about it and learn from each other. And because I'm also the coordinator of the Czech l10n (localization) team, it's also good to see the number of newly translated strings after the Jam.

2) What is UGJ Praha going to be about?

Our Jams are mostly about translations. We think translating is
the easiest way to help FOSS. All you need is knowledge of
English and working knowledge of the translated system. The best thing is that experienced translators can give you immediate feedback, help correct mistakes etc.

3) What excites you most about Ubuntu?

The community. Ubuntu is a good system and I use it everywhere, but the people around the project and the spirit and passion are the real reasons I love Ubuntu.

4) Did you run UGJ events before?

Yes, we did. We participated in our first Jam in October 2009 and since then, we've met every half year jamming in Prague. Our first Jam took place online (via IRC, we just couldn't find place to meet), but we enjoyed it as well.

5) Do you have any good tips for anyone planning to organise an event?

Yes! Stop talking about organizing Jams and just do it. For our first Jam we didn't even have a place to meet, so we met online and it was awesome too (of course not as good as a physical meeting). If you don't make the first move, you won't have chance to start awesome community sessions full of fun and hard work. Three people with laptops in local library is also a Jam, so just try it.

6) Can you share a couple of photos of a UGJ event in Praha? I'd love to include them in the story.

You can see some photos here:

Thank you Vojtěch for taking time out of your busy schedule to "speak" with me :)

Please join Vojtěch and the awesome Czech team on Saturday. Here's the link to get all the details and join in the fun:

And how about you, dear reader? Do you live in a large city like Prague? Do we have your event on the extremely awesome Ubuntu Loco team portal?

Well you heard Vojtěch. Why not make the first move? ...


For those keeping score and barely able to contain their anxiety over our Jam numbers, the Jam-o-Meter returns tomorrow. Watch out Lexington!

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