A Jam Challenge for You

Let's take a look at the numbers:

Jam-o-Meter says, "Me Want More Jam!"Jam-o-Meter says, "Me Want More Jam!"

The Ubuntu Global Jam (Precise Pangolin edition) begins in less than one week: Friday March 2nd 2012.

There are 28 Ubuntu LoCo teams planning to participate, in 21 countries... Getting there. But, we're capable of much much more.

North America... I'm going to pick on you ;)

We have no takers from Canonical's office in Lexington, MA? That bug should be easy to fix, right? Canonical guys and gals, you have the people and the resources to head on out into your town and attract a few people to Ubuntu. Heck, hand out jars of jam on Saturday. Ask 100 random people on the street "What is Ubuntu?". Record their answers.

Back home. I live in a tiny (population) northern country (Canada) accounting for 1/3 of the Global Jams in North America while a huge country to the south, which I won't name by name, sleeps. (Think stars, stripes.) That's a bug that's pretty easy to fix too, right? Land of the free :)

Okay. Do you live (or work) in a town or city? Great! Please register an event on the awesome Ubuntu Loco team portal. Do it right now. Then, on your lunch break, print a flyer. Then, after work, take a walk to your local coffee shop and hang that flyer saying Ubuntu will be there on Saturday. One flyer. You can do it. Be strong.

I'll bet you a chicken pot pie that at least one other person will see that flyer and will be curious enough to show up. That one small act you did today will have introduced some fun into someone's otherwise non-Ubuntu weekend. And, you might just have started an Ubuntu group in your town.

Change begins locally, with you.


For those keeping score, here's the final Jam-o-Meter from the last Global Jam we had (Oneiric Ocelot cycle):


You fail to see the obvious. Canonical people work 40+ hours a week on Ubuntu. In their off hours they simply want to spend time with their family and friends doing things other than Ubuntu. Don't deny them their real lives.


Having managed and directed technical teams for most of my career, there's one simple answer: Make it a corporate priority. Build community involvement into performance appraisals. Reallocate a few hours every 6 months to meeting community people...

Case in point: Jono. The man works 1000 hours a week on Ubuntu and what's he doing this Friday? You guessed it. He's running an Ubuntu Jam.

We lead by example.


I work in lexington MA, but will hosting a global jam in NH. Where I live.


bug fixed.


That's because his job at Canonical is Community Management. That's a pretty poor case in point


Poor case in point. Jono is not a fully sane or mortal man, and there is only one of him working for Canonical. :)

Canonical's employees have done their share during the work week. They've earned their spare time and they shouldn't be badgered or enticed into giving that up for any reason -- that makes for unhappy families and neglected friends. They've worked hard all week meeting the needs of paying customers, and by benevolent design that work spills over to meet many of the needs of non-paying users. As an enthusiast non-paying user, it's your decision to meet the remaining needs of non-paying users in your own spare time. Canonical can only pay for so much of it, and it's rather selfish to demand even more from people who've already given you so much for free.


"Be the change you want to see".

I'll leave it at that ;)


Singular: Jam.
Plural: Jam.



noun /jam/ 
jams, plural

An instance of a machine or thing seizing or becoming stuck
- paper jams



We have 32 jams - see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ :-)


I stand corrected. I'll publish the updated number in my next post :) Thanks for pointing that out.


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