Why Smart Phones Aren't - Reason #6

You dutifully inform me that I have a voice message waiting. You carefully protect me from some unknown threat by forcing me to type in a voice mail password that I can never remember, *every* time. You eat my minutes to hear someone say "Call me back, blah, blah, blah."

"Smart" phone, why are you wasting my time?

You see, I never wanted your voice mail anti-feature. You assumed I did. I gave you my voice mail password more than a few times. Why did you not remember it? Why can you not just inform people that there are better ways to communicate?

"Smart" phone, you have not progressed since the '90's. I'm tempted to dump you.

In fact, I already have plans...

In my lifetime I will actually see a phone that is truly smart. When the Ubuntu Phone arrives, the world will have the means to finally fix this and other issues once and for all.

"Smart" phone, your days are numbered.


Image: Ribbit, CC BY-NC 2.0


My smart phone is really smart, justifying his name. I never faced such problem of frequent password entry.

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How is the Ubuntu phone fixing any of the things you mention on your blogposts?


The Ubuntu Phone platform is developed by all of us (potentially you too!), without sociopatic agenda.

This creates the opportunity to make the technology work for everyone, not just a few billionaires in Silicon Valley or Mercer Island.


Visual Voicemail for iPhones has been around for a long time (2007), I don't remember the last time I had to type in my voicemail password. I don't even know what it is (it's stored in a password vault). If I get voicemail I get a notification about it and a nice list display showing me the number that called me, the time the call was made and how long the message is. The message itself just one click away.

The whole premise of this post is invalid.


Sorry. Not using fruit devices and have no interest whatsoever in them.


Ever heard of Visual Voicemail?


Yes, only because Adam told me about it. Too bad it's locked away on something that does not respect freedom.


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