Why Smart Phones Aren't - Dénouement

Before today, if you had asked me what I thought of smart phones, you likely wouldn't have been surprised by my answer (unless of course you're trapped in social media space and don't read the Planet):

"What an utter waste of time."

You see, "smart" phones were never smart. Clever, maybe. Contrived, definitely. Deceptive, by design. "Smart" was a term invented by a predatory tech industry to dupe you. How does that make you feel?

It used to be okay to sell people the minimum technological capabilities available and then force them into a never-ending rat race of installing add-ons ("apps") to fix what should have been part of the product in the first place. This process ultimately ended in a phone being too "gummed up" (slow) and power hungry. Sadly, a lot of people accepted this status quo.

The status quo is the most boring place to be in the world, unless of course you created that status quo and are using your privileged position within it to buy mansions in Los Altos Hills, or to build palaces in the swamp.

In my "Why Smart Phones Aren't" series, I had expressed my hope that I would actually see a phone that is truly smart in my lifetime. Today, that day has come.

The Ubuntu Phone has arrived. The world now has the means to finally disrupt an industry that has needed a good shake for at least a decade.

"Smart" phone, your days are over.

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