Randall Ross - Bio and Resume

This is a page I created to begin the removal of personal information from LinkedIn.

Randall Energizes Communities & Teams

    Randall is a "Transformational Manager", a change agent who makes communities and technical teams work. His track-record demonstrates that he has the talent, education, and experience necessary to create communities, teams, processes, and programs that simultaneously raise innovation and quality. He has a deep background in consulting, consulting management, community management, IT direction and management. His focused degree in communications engineering and management science, combined with his more than 20 years of referenceable experience, have benefited communities, companies and employees from all over the world.

Randall is an experienced, highly-motivated, and dedicated technical executive with:

  • Over seven years of community management experience
  • Over eighteen years of industry experience in:
  • Consulting and consulting management
  • Information Technology management,
  • Pre and post sales support
  • Production network management
  • Cross-industry experience
  • Telecommunications
  • Professional Services
  • Medical equipment
  • Infrastructure consulting
  • Specific areas of technical expertise include
  • wireless networking
  • network security
  • network performance management.

** If you have worked with me, for me, or if I have worked for you, endorsements are welcomed. Kindly post a comment below.

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