We Are *All* Making Ubuntu - Part 3

About two weeks ago, I introduced an opportunity (a challenge really) for everyone who wants to help make Ubuntu's search feature the best in the world.

I offered this in order to encourage people to participate in designing and making great software that respects human beings, rather than participate in "yet another blog article about who said what about whom and who is more righteous."

There were naysayers. But more importantly, there were genuinely thoughtful and marvellous idea contributors. Lots of them.

Thank you.

Here is a short synopsis of the discussion so far:

  • Background Reading on Canonical's official position, as written by Cristian Parrino
  • Enabling the online search by case
  • Make people aware when they are broadcasting to the world and when they are whispering to themselves
  • Two-stage searching based on whether a strong local match exists
  • Two-stage searching based on whether a person decides to expand globally
  • Give people a yes/no choice to send data outward per search
  • Installation options for more customization
  • First-search checkbox to disable external search
  • Move Amazon (shopping) lens out of the Dash, make it a seperate lens
  • Refine, fix, enforce Privacy Settings
  • Use "bang" syntax to steer searches

    There's more good stuff in there, but I'll leave it as your exercise to click the link and check it out for yourself.


    Current Pad (12/21/2012)Current Pad (12/21/2012)


    Finally, is the approach that is in the current Dash search the best in can be? Likely not. But, "code is law". And unless we (the Community) are prepared to help out with better code, the law shall stand.

    Go ahead. Add your "code."



    Note: You will need to login with your Ubuntu SSO account, and also be a member of the ubuntu-etherpad team on Launchpad. Join it here: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-etherpad

    Note: Comments to the effect of "you are wasting your time Canonical is evil and we are all doomed" are not considered code. If you have opted out (or given up) this isn't the place to say so.


    Nice blog posts lately!

    I think this one is particularly interesting, as it brings out the true spirit of what the Ubuntu project indends to be. Unfortunately, it is sometimes overshadowed by all the noise.

    It will be very exciting to see how these ideas manifest in the future.


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