Psst! It's Ubuntu 11.04 Release Day

This article is directed mainly at journalists, who make the same mistakes every time when reporting on Ubuntu. Maybe this release will be different? One can dream...

"It's (nearly) here! Have you been trying Ubuntu 11.04?"

That was a trick question. You can't actually try released software until it is released. With every release of Ubuntu a metamorphosis occurs. An animal becomes a number. That's right! We don't refer to Ubuntu 11.04 as a "Natty Narwhal" after today. That is, unless you insist on running a pre-release version. Please get ready to call Ubuntu what it is: Ubuntu 11.04.

But, "It's the newest version of 'Ubuntu Linux.'"

Hmm. That "L" word again. Really, do you really think that people care which kernel powers their OS? Is it a useful construct to the mainstream computer user? Which kernel powers Windows? Which kernel powers Mac OSX? Which kernel powers Debian? (Aha! That too was a trick question.) The phrase "Ubuntu Linux" is a relic from about 5 years ago. It's time to embrace the new decade.

With that off my chest, here's the excellent and official press release from Canonical regarding Ubuntu 11.04. I hope you'll give it a read!

Bonus points: If you're using Firefox, hit CTRL-F and search the above page for the words "Linux", "Natty", and "Narwhal". Go ahead, it's fun!


You do know that for Debian there are three kernel types of varying stages of maturity and two of them aren't Linux, right?


Precisely! That ought to puzzle the journalists for a while. What to call Debian now? ;)


At first, my instinctive response was: "you arrogant bitch - you are too good to use the name of the kernel that created you?" But thinking of it, what you are saying actually does make a lot of sense. Even if it boosts the value of Canonical's proprietary trademark, toning down "the nerd" of Ubuntu will likely be benificial to Linux overall.


Correct. We needn't name every component of a system, any system. It simply doesn't matter to everyday humans. Save that info for the developer docs.


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